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To celebrate Reebok's classic shoes Question Mid birthday 20th anniversary, Everfount design emerged, special edition Allen Iverson from earlier life love the wife and daughter of inspiration and also officially unveiled, today is the release of a group on foot demonstration, interested friends may wish to first feel something. This section by the recent hot Tan color collocation black patent leather shoe body head, tongue and heel removable patch with Iverson tattoo decoration design, lining is TUA. His signature patterns, but also on the insole printed with Iverson's turban, the first year of Question equipped with ice blue crystal end of presentation. melody-ehsani-reebok-question-mid-british-tan-2.jpg (80.77 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Melody, Ehsani, x, Reebok, Question, feet demonstration, Upload 09:07 2016-12-2 melody-ehsani-reebok-question-mid-british-tan.jpg (71.35 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Melody, Ehsani, x, Reebok, Question, feet demonstration, Upload 09:07 2016-12-2 melody-ehsani-reebok-questio Retro jordans for sale n-mid-british-tan-1.jpg (76.14 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Melody, Ehsani, x, Reebok, Question, feet demonstration, Upload 09:07 2016-12-2 melody-ehsani-reebok-question-mid-6.jpg (118.48 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Melody, Ehsani, x, Reebok, Question, feet demonstration, Upload 09:07 2016-12-2 melody-ehsani-reebok-question-mid-7.jpg (85.44 KB, download times: 2) 0In the past year, Reebok Instapump Fury the color and joint planning is in addition to the Certified Network joint emerge in an endless stream, shoes outside many new color contention of a hundred schools of thought, design and color of the first year of regression is mutual contests. Recently, a Sax Blue color design appeared in the public view, presumably so many Pump fans heart again. This Instapump Fury OG with a black and blue collocation shoes, uppers mesh fabric cover, and Pump inflatable part for chloroprene rubber material; in addition, the white bottom and silver Hexalite honeycomb air cushion design is the icing on the cake make shoes pres cheap jordan shoes for men ents new sense of clearing. Reebok Instapump Fury OG Sax Blue color now can pre order in atmos, and will be officially on sale in January 2, 2015. reebok-instapump-fury-og-sax-blue-1.jpg (58.76 KB, download number: 24) download Reebok Instapump Fury OG Sax Blue 2014-12-12 11:51 upload 00The cabinet must have such a pair of shoes, style simple and elegant, color all-match, suitable for any clothing. Nike Internationalist is such a shoes, retro styling simple, overwhelmed by the brand for the additional black and white color is very wild. Black suede and nylon net cloth shoes body, with white swoosh and details, smooth and clean. Have interested friends can specify the retailers purchased through Nike Sportswear. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports lif cheap jordans online e! source: NotorietyModernChukka shoes again push the new, new Nike Free Chukka online exposure Leather multicolor sample texture quite Poxian cortex followed by collocation of sense of speed to woosh upper, presents a new style of new combination. There is no information on the sale of this pair of shoes, like friends, please pay attention to our new information follow-up reports.. BbsImg141022350547543_570_400.jpg (39.64 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Free, Chukka, Leather multicolor samples Upload 09:00 2014-9-9 BbsImg141022349959484_570_570.jpg (47.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Free, Chukka, Leather multicolor samples Upload 09:00 2014-9-9 BbsImg141022349594492_570_570.jpg (51.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Free, Chukka, Leather multicolor samples 2014-9-9 09:00 uploads , Nike, Nike, Free, Chukka, Leather 00 nike-air-trainer-1-mid-prm-qs-draft-day-1.jpg (141.6 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:43 2013-4-18 nike-air-trainer-1-mid-prm-qs-draft-da Cheap air jordans for sale y-〉New Balance recently for its street shoes King 574 launched a new Luau color, a draw from Hawaii's traditional barbecue for inspiration, with blue and orange in light gray upper suction eye of the upgrade, but inside it is full with Hawaii style of printing, the whole style and summer for the occasion. new-balance-574-luau-gray-navy-1.jpg (129.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment New Balance 574 LuauUpload 09:23 2015-4-24 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-3.jpg (639.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok, Floatride, Space, Boot, SB-01 2017-7-19 upload at 10:52 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-1.jpg (290.73 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok, Floatride, Space, Boot, SB-01 2017-7-19 upload at 10:52 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-2.jpg (380.14 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok, Floatride, Space, Boot, SB-01 2017-7-19 upload at 10:52 〉In a way, Nike's future lies in the people who are not well-known secondary brands, such as Cole Haan; and that most people are not familia Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping r with the new name: William Perez as the Cinderella story? Slipper, when Knight announced when he started looking for a successor, want to wear this pair of Nike running shoes man plenty of money. William? Perez, US consumer products company SC Johnson's CEO, long-distance running enthusiast, every morning to go jogging wearing Nike. When he now really stepped into Nike, like every morning, like he was wearing running shoes, I feel there is only one - is appropriate. ? November 18, 2004, the United States, Nike founder Philip Knight announced he will no longer serve as Nike's CEO, is Johnson's successor, President and CEO:? William Perez. Peres Johnson has worked for 34 years, in 1997 he became head of the family business. In his first year of his term, to complete the $ 1.2 billion in major acquisition. Leave a company for more than 30 years, Perez's mood is very complex, he wants away from his friends, and lived 20 years in Michigan house. But as a sports fan and a long-distance athlete, in charge of Nike for Peres it is simply the dream job. "I'm cheap foamposites 57 years old, I have not much time to meet the challenge and I could not see this opportunity slip away from the front." He said. Knight outgoing message for Nike's stock was down 99 cents. For Nike Internally, this news is no big deal, Knight says that early in 2003 the daily management to fade out, and began searching for his successor in the United States. But the appointment of Peres or let some observers somewhat unexpected, because Nike has --Charlie Denson and Mark Parker, vice president of the two, they are working more than 25 years at Nike, it has long been seen as the inevitable candidate. Stood 25-year-old employees are not promoted, rather choose airborne, Knight appointment Perez, and not just because he is a big fan of Nike's so simple. Why is he all know, Nike positive nonstop explore the international market, while Perez just has a wealth of experience in charge of multinational companies, during which he served as CEO, Johnson in the work environment and corporate governance have been well received. More important reason is that th Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping e top sports brand Nike urgently its two brands will flourish. In fact, in recent years, Nike has been the efforts of non-mainstream products, such as into the surf clothing, fashion and discount clothing market, but sales of these products are far from reaching the Knight had hoped. "Now most of the world saw the Nike merchandise like to see the trademark Nike," Knight said. "But the Nike brand products contain far more than those of mainstream commodity. I think the best way to maintain our performance is in some other brands as Nike. "But Knight also acknowledged that sales of non-affiliated Nike brand products in 5 years will not reach annual sales of Nike 1/4, Knight's idea is to let Perez Johnson taught his experience to the younger generation of Nike employees, the subsidiary brand products into the market, while maintaining the original core product results. Therefore, Peres took office he said: "My task is to make the next CEO promoted from Nike inside." To be sure, this Fortune 500 company's growth also depends on it's flagship product, suc cheap jordans for sale mens h as Nike Air running shoes Nike sneakers and Nike high-tech damping clothing. But in a way, such as Nike's future lies Cole Haan, Bauer Nike Hockey, Converse, Hurley International and Exeter Brands Group, as well as this most people are not familiar with the new name on those who are not well-known secondary brands : William Perez. Perez, 57, had worked for Johnson for 34 years, only half of Nike's sales, although the company's, but they had so coveted Nike sales skills: marketing multiple products. Johnson saran bags, fly swatter, cleaning agent products have all kinds of different brands, each brand are relatively independent, and have their own consumers. Their products are sold in 110 countries, international marketing accounted for 60% of annual profits. This is Nike longing. Non-mainstream Nike Nike's pursuit has five subsidiary brands: Converse (which designs, markets and distributes athletic footwear, apparel and accessories), Bauer NIKE Hockey (the world's leading equipment manufacturers skating), Cole Haan (it produces a variety of high-gr cheap jordans for sale ade male and female clothing and shoes, accessories and coats), Hurley International, Inc. (it sells and youth sports footwear, apparel and accessories) and Exeter BrandspuorgLLC (for the value retail channel which designs and markets athletic footwear and apparel). Sales growth potential is one of the reasons for the Nike brand subsidiary concerned. Take sales revenue for the first six months of fiscal example, income arising from the Nike brand subsidiary of $ 817 million, compared with the same period last year increased by 35%, although the core of the brand's revenue reached $ 5.89 billion, but the growth rate do 12%. Nike affiliate products first developed in 1988, is the year it acquired a small shoe company, which is a manufacturer of first-class leather fashion shoes company - established in 1975 Danny George Cole Haan. This is the first time that Nike come out from its core business in the past, but it has not been easy. "Both the company's culture is fit in most respects, but in the late 1990s the company a bit too radical." Danny said, "N Retro jordans for sale ike tried to interfere with the company's design, but for Cole Haan's patrons, they will These shoes look like to think they do. Cole Haan Nike understand the needs of customers. "This allows Nike also slowed down, Cole Haan help them retain customers, but also for young people to start like this brand. At the same time, Nike also looking for a new growth point, it will look on the skates. In 1995, Nike spent $ 409 million bought Canstar Sports, a skate and equipment manufacturers, which is Nike's largest single acquisition in the history of the acquisition. Nike acquired precisely when the explosive popularity of hockey sometimes, but unfortunately it was to catch up with the trend quickly forgotten. The plant also because much of the test of cultural conflict. Nike has a very unique culture, its own culture always wanted to direct grafting subsidiaries, but those acquired company also has its own rules. After Bauer's buying Canstar, Nike sneakers on his ice production line. Both companies are now in competition, they are manufactured skates, they want to fight for their consumers. Bauer skates manufacture flaunt it in terms of history, that he has been a loyal supporter of hockey; Nike says its own puck movement to bring a new fashion. Fortunately Nike learned from. "The acquisition of the company also acquired their culture, smart, they should become partners with them, so that they become part of the Nike brand, Nike should learn how to increase its value." Analysts say. From 2002 to 2004, Nike has completed a number of series of acquisitions in 2002 bought Hurley International, 2003 ?? bought Converse, 2004 ?? is the Official Starter (now called Exeter Brands). Thus Nike subsidiary brand expansion is how strong demand. Nike acquired in related fields quickly occupy a place. Hurley and Nike have surf board customers, Converse Nike With low-priced products, Starter for Nike customers have access to the discount area. In fact, the true potential of affiliate products in the international market, and Nike's revenue in fiscal 2004, half are from outside the United States. Analysts believe, Perez came to the primary task is to non-Nike Nike products to open the market. Peres its people jittery and ecstatic, Perez said when he described was appointed. "I came to this company because the Nike brand will always keep up with the trend, making it one of the world's best managed companies. You can feel the Philip and his team from product design to retail and even sports collaboration inspired innovation spirit. I am a firm believer in 'Just Do It' slogan, and I look forward to working with a great team to help build for our shareholders, prospective employees, consumers and community innovation greater value. "Perret Adams was born in Akron, Ohio, and grew up in Colombia, South America. He got a bachelor's degree in government from Cornell University and a master's degree is the Thunderbird School of International Management. 1970 graduation, Perez entered the Johnson, in which 34-year career, Perez has done all levels of leadership: He was the general manager of Johnson Spain and Belgium; Latin American commodities area and executive vice president of North American consumer goods; Deputy US home business; manager and vice president. During the Johnson office, Peres was awarded the national championship quality work environment, the competition is organized by the public and equality in the workplace organization, the purpose is to promote a fair and inclusive workplace, especially for homosexual, bisexual , transgender people (referred to as LGBT) inclusive. Perez created a very tolerant working environment for the 116 years of the family business. In 1997 he launched the gay Commerce Commission (GLBC), and regularly attend meetings of the committee. "As a businessman, I believe, inclusive workplace, employees feel respected companies can make their investment a lot more." Perez said. Open and equal workplace organization is a non-profit organization, awarded this year for a non-work environment fair honor LGBT person, the person is required to obtain a fair job opportunities for LGBT employees play a key role, even to bear some of the risk is also willing to LGBT people to create a work environment.